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Library Update - Important changes from 1 July 2021

Following the public consultation period, we can now confirm the large majority of our fees and charges remain the same for the coming year.  

The following changes to library fees and charges will take effect on 1 July 2021:

  • Removal of the $2 rental charge for new fiction
    The removal of this fee means more items will be available in the fiction collection with the standard borrowing period of 3 weeks.  


  • Introduction of a $5 rental charge for bestseller/high-demand items from fiction or non-fiction
    We are creating a new Hot Picks Collection.  These items of high-interest will have a 2 week  borrowing period, a charge of $5, and will be located in a convenient easy-to-locate spot.  These select collections have proven very popular in other public libraries in New Zealand. Average time for a book to be in this collection is around six months before it would go into the free collections.


  • Hire fee for Te Aroha Library Meeting room:  $10 per hour,  available during library opening hours only.
    There is now a room in the Te Aroha Library available for the community to use when not in use by library staff.  To make a booking, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone Te Aroha Library 027 614 8707.


  • Subscription for library members from other districts:  $60 per annum
     Exemptions can be applied on a case by case basis.  The annual fee would be applied at the time of your annual membership renewal. 

Holds pick-up deadline

To ensure a fast turn-over of books for all our customers, we are changing the length of time that books are available for pickup from the library.  As from 1 July, we are reducing this from 7 days to 5 days.  This means after we have notified you that a book is ready for collection, you will have 5 days to collect it, not the current 7 days.  
Please let us know if you cannot pick up your hold for any reason as there are other options such as deferring the hold, as not collecting a hold incurs a $2 non-collection fee.