How to use the Slip 'n' Slide Challenge website

Joining the Slip 'n' Slide Challenge

  • Register here or visit your local library.
  • Enter your name, your date of birth, and what school you go to, and your e-mail address (if you have one).
  • Pick the number of books you want to read, how many days you want to read over the summer, and how many challenges you want to complete (there are 100 to choose from).
  • You can choose one, two or all of these things.
  • Talk to an adult if you need some help picking a good number to aim for.


Logging in

  • Visit our login page.
  • Enter your name and birthday for your log in details.
  • Record the books you've read so far, the days you've read for, and the challenges you've completed.


Changing your Goals

  • After logging in, click "My Details" to change your goals.  Scroll down until you find the goal you want to change, put in a new goal, and click "Change Goal".



  • To get a challenge, just click "Get a new challenge". 
  • You can have up to five challenges. 
  • If you don't like a challenge, choose "skip this challenge".
  • If you have finished a challenge, choose "Complete this challenge.
  • You can also "See all the challenges you've completed".
  • Click the "Print a list of your current challenges" if you want a printed copy.



  • If you want to find out how your library is going in the Slip 'n' Slide Challenge, click on "Leaderboards" after logging in.


Slip 'n' slide Events

  • If you click on "Slip 'n' Slide Events" after logging in, or click here, you can see all of our fun events! 
  • You can tell us you are coming to an event by clicking RSVP.


Photo Gallery

  • Click on "photo gallery" after logging in or click here to see the photo gallery. You can also show us (and others) what you are doing.
  • If you don't want to be in the photo – that's okay.